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Welcome to your guide to selecting air conditioners for cooling. Fixed or portable, big or small, this site covers them all.

Sooner or later, summer will come and it is time that those heaters are shut off, and let cooling rule your world. Give way to AC units. However, choosing the best type and best properties of a conditioning unit to cool your space can be a bit tricky.

Given the choice, you might prefer to have natural and fresh air for your comfort living. However, the natural environment in most populated places is not that “friendly”. For example:

Split air cconditioner. Evaporator unit. Courtesy:

  • Dust and noise. Your choices were to run all fans on full speed, and open all windows and doors; but dust, allergy and noise come with the package. Thank you very much

  • Extreme heat that even your ceiling fan on full speed doesn’t help

  • You can cool down your body heat with fans blowing wind all over your face, but you have to sit still

  • Everything else under the sun. You name it

Those are the normal “excuses” you would give before getting an AC unit for you.

In this site, you will find information on:

Portable air cconditioner. Courtesy: DeLonghi
Courtesy: DeLonghi

  • Absolute and simple fundamentals of heat transfer and how do AC units work

  • What is the best unit size for you

  • Simple care keeps expensive bills away. Learn simple things you can do to keep maintenance and repair cost of your conditioning unit low

  • Were you asking on the best value for price? Sure, I’ll cover that principle as well. The most expensive ones are not necessarily the best ones for you

  • Explanation on different types of conditioning units, as shown on the navigation bars

  • Simple guides to purchasing your thermostat and yes, keeping that utility bill low

At the end of the day, you will have enough information to purchase or rent that perfect and just-nice-for-you system.

Check out these information I have posted for you:

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