12 Volt Portable Air Conditioner - Cheap and Practical

12 volt portable air conditioner is an air conditioning equipment. However, this is not the “normal” refrigerant filled air conditioner.

This type of air conditioner uses a different cooling medium. Ice.

12 volt PAC is suitable for, marine applications, in an automobile, or while having a picnic, or camping.

This air conditioning equipment is part of portable air conditioners


What will you get from a 12 volt portable air conditioner?

  • this unit comes in a single package. However, the seller will not provide you with ice. You have to make it, or buy it yourself ;-)

  • this air conditioner is just a simple box, with thermal insulation property.

    There will be enough space in the box to put in ice that can last for about 3 hours

  • there will be a 12 volt motor, connected to a fan.

    This fan is used to draw in warm air from outside, and blow out cool air from the box

  • heat exchange happens between warm air, and ice-cold… ice, to produce cool air

  • 12 volt portable air conditioner is only suitable for spot cooling, or cool a maximum of two people

  • adapter will normally be included for AC (alternating current) to DC (direct) conversion

Power supply for 12 volt portable air conditioner:

You can provide power for your 12 volt PAC in three ways. Through,

  • DC power socket in your automobile.

    You just have to plug the plug of the air conditioner, and switch on the unit

  • main power outlet, through an adapter, or,

  • through a portable power pack.

    Portable power packs can provide continuous 12 volt power for about 24 hours, and these are rechargeable


Installation for this 12 volt PAC is very simple.

Fill, plug, switch on.

Fill with ice, plug to power supply, and switch on to enjoy the cool air. That’s about it.

Do you need it?

12 volt PAC makes an excellent choice if you’re into short camping trips, or planning to bring along an air conditioning equipment while watching a game.

It is very cheap compared to other air conditioners, yet cost effective.

However, there are three major drawbacks to this air conditioner. It requires filling up ice at about three hourly interval, emptying the box once all the ice melts into water, and it can only provide spot cooling.

But, if you think about camping, then think about 12 volt portable air conditioner. It’s worth it.

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