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Air Conditioner Selection, Issue #003 -- Pen and Paper Ready?
March 01, 2006

01 February 2006 00:00

Last months's digest. It is getting warmer

Here's the report.

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Air Conditioner Sizing - The Simple Guide

Next logical step after we have known how air conditioning units control air conditions, and the basic principles of the parts, is how to SIZE it.

Sizing air conditioners, is a vital step before we decide an air conditioner to buy, or rent. Getting the size wrong will mean a huge sum of your money - wasted.

The page will describe three ways to size an air conditioner.

In order of least time consumed, to most time consumed

  • Through square feet method,

  • "Manual J" method,

  • and "Manual J", with psychrometric chart method

Let's find out the details in this page

Air Conditioner Buying Guide - The Step by Step Process

And guess what. I have also included air conditioner buying and/or renting guide for you.

Off we go to selecting the right air conditioning unit!

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