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Air Conditioner Selection, Issue #004 -- Tool Time!
April 01, 2006

01 April 2006 00:00

Hi there. Check out the update for the past month.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

This is a group of new addition for the site. We've covered on how to purchase or rent a unit.

Now is the time to venture into how to take good care of your air conditioning unit.

Simple air conditioning maintenance

These maintenance activities can be performed by yourself at home. Activities involved are more towards preventive actions.

It ranges from filter changing, filter cleaning, moisture checking, acidity checking and up to simple leak checking.

Another set of air conditioning maintenance is the,

Skilled air conditioning maintenance

Here, the set of tasks are a little more involving, in terms of skill, and time consumed. Oh yes, the cost involved is higher as well.

But, you can get to know about it. Who knows. You might want to get certification as an air conditioning technician in future.

There is so much to talk about air conditioning maintenance, here

Oh yes, the look of the site has changed! Why not spend a few minutes and tell me how it looks through the "Contact & Feedback" page.

The site is expanding, and a site search tool's importance is second to none.

Type, type, type. Search

I'll be more than happy if you can tell me how am I doing through
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Keep updated with the site blog. Your online diary.
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All the best and we'll meet again in the next issue!


MJK Nurul Amin,
"Be comfortable"

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