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Air Conditioner Selection, Issue #005 -- Your First Tip!
April 30, 2006

01 May 2006 00:00

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Table of contents

  1. Latest updates on the site

  2. Your first tip. Tip #0001: Keep a log!

1. Latest updates on the site

You must have noticed by now, that the look of this site has very much changed, with photos, images, and illustrations.

These will improve your readability, and... uhm... keeps you less stressed when reading explanations ;-).

2. Your first tip. Tip #0001: Keep a log!

It is amazing how a good data collection can do, to improve the life of your air conditioner?

As Ripley says it often,

"Believe it or not... believe it!"

It really does. Data collection on various information about your air conditioning unit will help you in the long run.

The benefits include, easier troubleshooting and maintenance intervals.

Here's a list of things you can do:

  1. Get a simple log book and name it as you like it

  2. Write the brand of the air conditioner, model, type (central, window), size, and EER or SEER ratings, and the nominated power consumption

  3. Jot down, the place you've purchased it, the price, and the installer

  4. Jot down ALL maintenance activities being carried out, the cost, and put a date to those

  5. Log ALL problems encountered with your air conditioning unit, and most importantly, describe those accurately.

    Use Kepner Tregoe's 1 problem and 1 deviation method. It works :-)

    Example 1: Furnace blower, rattles.

    Example 2: Humming noise, at air conditioner control panel.

    We can start troubleshooting from there on, using data that we have

Keeping a log of relevant data is vital in making sure that you do the right maintenance activity at the right interval.

Additionally, it makes troubleshooting much, much easier.

Oh yes. Additionally, keep all your receipts, and jot down on a corner, on the satisfaction on the product, or services.

Make a remark, and a smiley if you like.

:-) for good

:-| for so-so


:-( for bad

Here's a list of air conditioning maintenance activities

All the best!

The site is expanding, and a site search tool's importance is second to none.

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All the best and we'll meet again in the next issue!


MJK Nurul Amin,
"Be comfortable"
Chief Editor,

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