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Air Conditioner Selection, Issue #006 -- Choices, and Next Tip
June 01, 2006

01 June 2006 00:00

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Table of contents

  1. Latest updates on the site

  2. Your second tip. Tip #0002: It's Not Worth It

1. Latest updates on the site

Here's the list of choices you have for home air conditioning, explained, and updated in the site,

2. Your second tip. Tip #0002: It's Not Worth It

What is? You might have heard that, it is better to have your air conditioning switched on, even when you're not within the building.

The usual argument is, you'll have better humidity removal.

While it is true, that you'll feel instant comfort as soon as you enter the house, your utility bill would simply shock you.

I have faced that once, and the feeling (from looking at utility numbers) is unpleasant. Oops, I made that mistake, and I learned from it (hopefully).

Here's what you can do to win both worlds, of reasonable bill, and good comfort.

Set in your programmable thermostat, to switch on the AC, approximately 5 minutes before you're expected to be home.

That way, you'll get the comfort, and won't cry from having to pay so much for utilising your AC.

However, you're advised to do this only if you arrive home, often on expected times.

What if your schedule is very dynamic?

Two choices you have:

  1. You can start your AC when you're home.

    Set the temperature and set the blower's speed to AUTO. The blower will run at maximum speed, until the temperature is reached, and return to low or medium speed later

  2. Or, you can purchase a telephone controlled thermostat.

    With this one, you don't even have to worry about your return time (given that you've locked all doors).

    Just control the switches from a remote phone, when you like it. Simply awesome

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    MJK Nurul Amin,
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