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Air Conditioner Selection, Issue #007 -- Radiant Heat
July 01, 2006

01 July 2006 00:00

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Table of contents

  1. Highlight on Air Conditioner Selection Content

  2. Your third tip. Tip #0003: Reduce Radiant Heat

1. Highlight on Air Conditioner Selection Content

The highlight content for this month is, on air conditioner filter cleaning, and replacement.

You will have to eventually, clean, or replace your filter.

It is good to have some basic knowledge on how to do it.

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Please bare in mind one thing:

Frequency of cleaning, or replacement is NOT once in a month, or once in three months, or even once in six months.

It is highly dependant on the surrounding air quality. Cleaner intake air and environment will require less frequent cleaning or replacement, and the opposite will happen for dusty environment.

You will get the right frequency for your building after a few filter maintenance.

2. Your third tip. Tip #0003: Reduce Radiant Heat

It is far from comfortable when you're exposed to direct sun - the biggest and natural radiant heat source for us.

Majority of heat is dictated by that source alone.

Hence, it is a good idea to reduce the heat transfer through relatively cheap, yet effective methods.

The benefit - Reduced heat gain through radiation, therefore requiring smaller sized air conditioner for you.

Smaller capital and running costs.

Here comes the suggestions:

  • Roof and walls are the largest area in contact with sun's radiation. It is a good idea to paint these with light colours.

    Preferably white

  • Next in list is window area. Tinting would be an excellent idea to block some of the radiation.

    You can also put blinds or curtains as an alternative to tinting

  • Followed by awning installation near open spaces like verandah, window area, and balcony

  • Of course, having trees to block the direct heat will be great

You can do it all, or choose the options you like, based on your preference.

However, the air conditioner has to be sized correctly, based on the house design.

Here's some information on radiation, conduction, and convection

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MJK Nurul Amin,
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