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Air Conditioner Selection, Issue #009 -- Symptoms of Refrigerant Leak
September 01, 2006

01 September 2006 00:00

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Table of contents

  1. Content Updates on Air Conditioner Selection

  2. Your fifth tip. Tip #0005:

1. Content Updates on Air Conditioner Selection

  • Automotive air conditioning.

    This page explains the general working principle, parts and design features of a simple automotive air conditioner.

    Air conditioners used for cars are very oftenly termed as automotive air conditioners

  • Marine air conditioners.

    Discover specific and non-specific types of marine air conditioners, as well as the special requirements for this air conditioning type

  • Article submission page.

    Do you have topics to talk about air conditioners, air conditioning, regulations, or any related information with regard to air conditioning?

2. Your fifth tip. Tip #0005: Symptoms of Refrigerant Leak

I have put two pages for confirming refrigerant leak detection.

The pages are, simple leak detection methods, and skilled leak detection methods.

There are however, symptoms that could suggest refrigerant leak. These are;

  • Gradual decrease in cooling ability.

    Refrigerant leak is normally a slow process. Your AC will loose it's cooling ability as time goes by - if it is leaking.

  • Icing at the evaporator, might suggest insufficient refrigerant.

    Insufficient refrigerant will boil before outlet of the evaporator, and cause icing

NOTE: Refrigerant leak will cause these symptoms to occur.

BUT these symptoms do not necessarily mean refrigerant leak.

You will have to check on filter condition, evaporator cleanliness, fan operation, and proper charging

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