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Air Conditioner Selection, Issue #010 -- What If You Need AC So Badly
October 01, 2006

01 October 2006

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Table of contents

  1. Content Updates on Air Conditioner Selection

  2. Your sixth tip. Tip #0006: What If You Need AC So Badly...

1. Content Updates on Air Conditioner Selection

  • Humidistat, or hygrometer, is used to measure, and control humidity in air.

    It can be used on its own, or integrated with thermostat - in air conditioning equipment.

    Here's your page on humidistat and hygrometer

  • 12 volt air conditioners are used mainly in marine air conditioners.

    These units use only 12 volt of voltage. However, there is much more to this AC type, than what the title can possibly explain.

    Learn about it more, over here

  • 12 volt portable air conditioner, is probably the most simple AC that you can find.

    This... AC, is... ehem...

    a bit different

  • I have created a page where I store articles based on air conditioner and air conditioning.

    This page serves simplified version of my main pages in the site, with some twists.

    I am also planning to put in easy-articles that are not featured in the site, but would be beneficial you.

    The articles are meant for easy reading.


2. Your sixth tip. Tip #0006: What If You Need AC So Badly...

But you don't have the budget for a whole house unit? Here are some tips at your disposal :-)

  • Consider a loan.

    Get to know the AC size required for your house, get a quote (from a trusted, and always-delivering-satisfactory-results contractor), and plan for your loan.

    But, it won't worth it if you're not going to be in the house for more than 5 years

  • Consider smaller window, portable, or split units.

    The money that you have to spend at one time, is not that much compared to a central system.

    Hence, you can plan, at which room you need to put in AC first.

    Window, split, or portable?

    Depends on your profile

  • Get a lower EER, or SEER rated AC.

    Higher efficiency ACs do save money on electricity, but the capital cost is higher.

    But, you can opt for a lower efficiency ones (as long as there is supply and the regulations allow for it)

  • Let's say, you just need some little time to get the budget for an efficient whole house system.

    Then, consider renting portable units. Short term rentals, sure will worth the money, effort, and comfort :-)

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