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Air Conditioner Selection, Issue #011 -- Reduce Infiltration, But...
November 03, 2006

01 November 2006

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Table of contents

  1. Content Highlight on Air Conditioner Selection - Pump Down

  2. Your seventh tip. Tip #0007: Reduce Infiltration, But...

1. Content Highlight on Air Conditioner Selection - Pump Down

Pump down is a skilled air conditioning maintenance activity.

The purpose of pump down, is for accumulating refrigerant within your air conditioning unit, for major repairs.

Refrigerant will be accumulated either in,

  • The condenser, or

  • The receiver

Repairs, after a pump down may be carried out at any part of the air conditioning unit, EXCEPT for the condenser, or receiver, or the isolating valves.

Pump down, is useful for quick refrigerant storage during a selected major maintenance.

However, refrigerant evacuation is required, if you need to repair the condenser, or the receiver.

2. Your seventh tip. Tip #0007: Reduce Infiltration, But...

Air infiltration, is the uncontrolled air leakage into a living space, through small opnening within a wall, duct work, door, opened window, or roof.

Leakage of such air, will increase the requirement of an air conditioner to either cool, or heat the air.

Warm air infiltration will require more cooling effort (in a warm climate), and cold air infiltration will require more heating effort (in a cold climate).

Sources of infiltration can be sealed using, a duct tape, wall cement, or silicon sealant, where applicable.


Eliminating infiltration should not be at the expense of reduced air quality.

This applies especially for window, portable, and split air conditioners, where there is no fresh air intake.

Therefore, we should "introduce" a small amount of infiltration, by opening the windows by a small amount, should we use these ACs.

Central air conditioners will not face this problem, as there will be fresh air intake duct, and used air extraction duct. The extra load requirement should already be calculated in the air conditioner sizing.

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