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Air Conditioner Selection, Issue #012 -- Knee Jerk: Compressor Change
December 04, 2006

04 December 2006

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Table of contents

  1. Content Highlight on Air Conditioner Selection - Tubes in AC Systems

  2. Your eighth tip. Tip #0008: Knee Jerk: Compressor Change

1. Content Highlight on Air Conditioner Selection - Tubes in AC Systems

Copper is not the only material used for air conditioner tubes.

Aluminium, coupled with rubber hoses, are used widely as well in air conditioning systems around the world.

The only difference is, the former is used for ACs on land, and the latter is used for ACs on automobiles.

Why the difference in selection?

Let me start with aluminium and rubber hoses.

Aluminium is light, cheap, resistant to oxidisation, and rubber hose is easy to bend in tight spaces.

These properties are very well suited for automotive ACs, where extra weight is an issue and space is limited within engine compartment.

Copper is used for ACs on land, for its excellent thermal conductivity, resistance to oxidisation, and easy to bend. Though more expensive, it's worth it.

Here's the details

2. Your eighth tip. Tip #0008: Knee Jerk: Compressor Change

What? Knee jerk? :-)

Indeed. I came across a friend, who almost had a knee jerk reaction of replacing his auto AC compressor - as a result of non-starting compressor.

He was firm on his decision to change it, until he came across the root cause of the problem.

His AC was completely out of refrigerant - through a leak in his evaporator.

How could this cause the compressor to stop operating?

Answer: The low pressure switch.

This switch will prevent the compressor to compress if low pressure is detected at the suction line - normally as an effect of terribly undercharged AC.

Why such protection? To prevent compressor overheating, as there won't be enough refrigerant to cool down the compressor.

The lesson from almost-knee-jerk reaction is, check the AC system thoroughly in a troubleshooting process, to find out the culprit of a problem.

He saved USD 250.00, and we have learned something new.

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