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Air Conditioner Selection, Issue #016 -- Hissing sound in the cabin!
September 05, 2008

06 September 2008

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Table of contents

  1. Content Highlight on Air Conditioner Selection - Refrigerant

  2. Your twelveth tip. Tip #0012: Hissing sound in the cabin!

1. Content Highlight on Air Conditioner Selection - Refrigerant

Well, as expected and mentioned in my refrigerant phase - Air Conditioning industry is not a stiatic one - especially in the refrigerant area.

Information from Montreal Protocol says that by 2010, all R-22 based refrigerant will be phased out completely. Major AC users like buildings, major megastores, would need to shift to alternatives like R-410a.

What you can do? With only 1 year plus remaining - and counting - you can start looking for ACs with R-410a refrigerant.

Two good news though. These are readily available in the market now, and our earth ozone is "spared" for longer time :-)

2. Your twelveth tip. Tip #0012: Hissing sound in the cabin!

My car had this problem recently, that I would hear hissing sound whenever I switch on the car AC unit.

I said to myself, that there must be something wrong, possibly with two things:

  1. The refrigerant charge is low, and/or

  2. The switch on the receiver dryer has malfunctioned

Well, what do you know my trip to the mechanic proved it right as my high speed fan is not functioning.

Oh, by the way my car radiator's fan is controlled by AC operation, through the switch on receiver dryer. It's a Citroen by the way.

Anyway, since the problem is still managable and AC is cooling OK, I would leave it for another day for repair.


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