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In summary, this site on air conditioner and air conditioning was launched, to provide you with as much information as possible on the subjects.

Thanks to tools from SiteSell.com, I have built this site to rank well and get healthy visitor numbers even when I'm on a busy month - with offline commitments.

The, "Why" question:

I would like to start with the inventor and invention process of AC unit. Willis Haviland Carrier. His pressing need to maintain the temperature and humidity within the printing floor sparked and idea to build a conditioning device.

He thought of a unit, which will contain a continuously boiling liquid at low temperatures.

From that day onwards, mechanical AC system was born, evolved and multiplied far and wide accross the globe.

I thought that AC cycle is just about gas compression and liquid boiling - and voilĂ , you'll have a conditioned space. Guess what, I was wrong.

In fact, ACs have to undergo compression, condensation, expansion and boiling, coupled with filtration, drying, forced ventilation, and compressor lubrication - for a simple system to work properly.

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In addition to those, the knowledge behind sizing a unit, sizing the ducts, selection of a right unit, buying guides, efficiency rating and maintenance activities are extensive.

It is also essential for us to know some details on, the processes involved in an AC cycle, as well as details on the equipments involved.

Knowledge on these areas will help you understand about mechanical air conditioners operating principles, parts, and help you troubleshoot air conditioner problems in your house, office, and your vehicle.

At least you will have an idea of what could be the problem. "Oops. My air conditioner stopped cooling suddenly" - will be a question with possible and targeted answers.

An additional feature, available in this site, is the article submission page, where you can submit an article of your interest within air conditioners, air conditioning, the regulations, and businesses around it.

That is Why, I made this site for you. For knowledge sharing. I hope you'll enjoy this site everyday.

Oh, hang on...

Answering the, "How" question. Hint - SiteSell:

First of all, I would like to thank the person that has withdrawn the property for auction during the final day. I was studying about it for over a month, and I must say - I was disappointed.

I sat and pondered. There must be something else I can do, that is both productive and profitable. I already have an internet at home during that time, and I started searching.

The phrase "Build A Website and Start to Earn Money", came up when I was searching for ways to make more money.

O.K. That's a start.

After a few searches into site hosting companies, I concluded that I needed a website to share knowledge on topic of my interest. Almost ALL site hosting company that I've looked into - made me draw my own conclusion.

I came up with...

Plan A:

  1. Get myself a Microsoft FrontPage,

  2. Learn a great deal about HTML and other codes (Ouch! I know almost ZERO about these),

Interesting plan, so far. Workable? Yes.

But somehow, I felt like there must be something else that is more powerful than what these companies can provide me.

I browsed more later that night, and sure enough, I found it. Without giving a second thought, I made a new plan that looked like this...

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Plan B:

  1. Forget Plan A,

  2. I chose SiteBuild It! from SiteSell.com

Why I choose SiteSell? All for a handful of good reasons.

SiteSell as tool and coach:

A great tool, and coach is nothing less but vital, especially when you're starting a website that will work. Let alone the learning curve on HTML, search engine optimisation, and brainstorming on profitable keywords.

SiteSell provided me ("Ehem", the non-HTML-savvy person) with these major tools,

  • Block by block built-in page building. This means, I do not have to know anything about HTML, plus, I don't need my FrontPage yet!

  • Keyword brainstorming, to search for popular keywords.

    This function is powered by Search It!, which contains a great deal of search functions, all in one tool

  • Automatic submission (and re-submission) to major search engines, where I don't have to worry about submitting my pages

  • The Analyze It! function during page building, where it will alert me if I have too little keywords, or too much

How about coaching? I find these, really helpful in accelerating my learning process

  • E-books,

  • An active forum for technical and non technical support, and

  • Supportive support team

The result?

I am quite flattered that this site is placed amongst top 1% of 56 Million sites monitored by Alexa, within months of going online.

Concluding remarks:

In short, tools and support provided by SiteSell has very much accelerated my site building progress.

I do not have to worry about technical "blackouts" anymore. All I have to do is, provide great content about air conditioners and air conditioning for you.

I still think that there is a better plan...

Plan C:

  1. Keep current site,

  2. Get another Solo Build It! over here in future

  3. Repeat "Plan C"

Workable? Two thumbs up.

I still haven't got my property yet. Almost forgot about it. Busy working on this air conditioners and air conditioning site - I guess. I'm enjoying this site, and I hope you will too.

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