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Air conditioning articles metaphor You're here! Page where I put in free air conditioning articles for your light reading.

Posted articles are of simple and "digestable" nature. It also provides you with added information, which I can't possibly squeeze into other pages.

Feel free to use any of these articles, but please use it in its entirety, with links back to this site, and full credit to the original author.

Some of the articles are provided by other authors, with extensive knowledge in the business of air conditioning and HVAC. They took the trouble to learn and apply the knowledge. So, it is best that we give credits to them.

You get free articles, they get the credits. Everyone is happy. I love happy endings. O.K, enough from me... here you go:


#Article Title
001What is Air Conditioning?
A complete air conditioning equipment should be able to alter air temperature and humidity, circulate and mix air, as well as filter and purify air
002Mechanical Air Conditioners - Part I - Operating Principle
Overview of mechanical air conditioners operating principles, as well as other commercial ACs
003Mechanical Air Conditioners - Part II - Air Conditioner Parts
Overview of mechanical air conditioner parts, that form a functional mechanical AC
004Sizing - Part I - Air Conditioner Sizing
Find out the meaning of air conditioner sizing, fundamentals and methods used by many of us
005Sizing - Part II - Air Conditioner Sizing
Extension of air conditioner sizing. Incorporates psychrometrics, comfort chart, and duct sizing charts, with Manual J

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