Clean Air Conditioner Filter, or Replace It...

This page will explain to you in brief, on how to clean air conditioner filter, or to replace air conditioner filter.

Information on filter maintenance has been explained in air conditioning maintenance page,


Information on air conditioner filters has been explained in this page.

Now, we can begin on the maintenance steps.

Method 1: Clean air conditioner filter:

This method is only applicable for electrostatic and washable filters, as the filter material do not disintegrate as quickly as disposable filters.

The steps are,

  1. remove the filter cover.

    The cover can be accessed through the filter cover, or dismantling the duct’s filter frame for larger units.

    Check the manufacturer's instruction to access to the filter

  2. remove the filter from the supporting frame,

  3. wash with water and detergent, and brush gently,

  4. dry the filter

  5. replace the filter to its supporting frame, and reinstall the filter cover or filter frame

That’s it, for instructions on how to clean air conditioner filter.

Over to,

Method 2: Replace air conditioner filter:

Air conditioner filter replacement is applicable for disposable filters, such as fibre glass or foam filters.

The steps are,

  1. follow steps (1) and (2) in Clean air conditioner filter,

  2. get, or cut to the right sized air conditioner filter.

    This can be achieved by referring to the manufacturer’s manual, or measuring the filter size

  3. replace the filter to the filter frame,

  4. reinstall the filter cover or the filter frame

We’re done, but,

Some safety precautions:


  • wear eye and nose protection.

    Dust from the used filter might get into your eyes and nose, and it can be very irritating

  • wear gloves.

    Especially if you’re handling heavy filter frames, and when you’re cutting the filter

  • have another person to be on watch, if you’re using a ladder,

  • and do not dust the filter inside your house

How to clean, and change air conditioner filter, is now covered.

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