Portable Split Air Conditioner. It’s Portable, and Split…

Portable split air conditioner does not vary much from its cousin, that is the portable air conditioner.

The former unit is portable, and has the condenser and evaporator, built in the same unit.

The latter, which is what this page is going to focus about – has split condensing and evaporating units, yet it is split.

Reason? Lower noise. There you have it.

However, there are some slight differences that might catch your attention to this unit:

  • you don’t have a large range of BTU/hr figures compared to portable ACs.

    AC sizes that you’ll get for portable split units are from 10,000 BTU/hr, to 16,000 BTU/hr – across different manufacturers

  • EER rating for split portable ACs is not that high. It is only about 9 to 10 EER.

  • unlike portable units, these use outdoor air, to cool the condenser.

    Hence, you don’t need to keep the door opened to avoid slight vacuum inside your room.

    Portable units will use air within the room, to cool down the condenser, and exhausting it outside. So, if you don’t keep the window or door slightly open, then your portable AC will not perform well

  • the price, is more expensive than a portable unit, size-to-size. It is approximately 3 times more expensive. Ouch

  • different to portable ACs, portable split air conditioner needs some simple installation. It’s not really a plug-and-cool thing.

    However, this installation is made easy with the quick coupling technology.

    You’ll be given a set of refrigerant hoses, to connect condensing and evaporating units.

    These hoses are pre-filled with refrigerant. All you have to do is, snap the coupling to the matching connection.

    BUT, never continue with installation if there are damages or leaks on the hose.

    You should contact the manufacturer for replacement.

    If everything fits in well, and all is good, then you can plug-and-cool

Summing up:

Hmm… having seen and read about the facts of portable split air conditioner, I don’t fell like having it myself.

But then, I thought again. What if,

  • I really need an air conditioner pronto, and,

  • needing it to be quiet is a prime requirement, and,

  • I can’t be bothered about hacking the wall, and,

  • I am not staying here long anyway…

  • and any other reason that I put before me, just to own this unit,

then, I will take it... won’t I?

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