PTAC (Packaged Terminal Air Conditioning) Unit

PTAC stands for Packaged Terminal Air Conditioning.

There is not much difference between this AC type, compared with window air conditioners, and through wall ACs.

However, this AC – by its name has cooling and heating function, in a package.

Heating option is either through a heat pump (with a reverse valve), or by means of electrical coil heating.

Distinctive features include:

  • wide casing. Hence, you can only fit it in a wide opening window. As such, installation through a wall is common

  • sizes range from 6,000 BTU, to 16,000 BTU, and EER of 9 to 11

  • digital control is fitted in most of these ACs

If you would ask me, PT Air Conditioning is widely used in small hotels for its packaged heating and cooling ability, small BTU, and easily available digital control units.

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