Rooftop Portable Air Conditioner. It Has a Cousin

Rooftop portable air conditioner is a portable variation to rooftop air conditioners.

It is usually used in marine applications.

Most of the features and installation procedures are similar to the fixed unit, but there are some differences associated to this air conditioner where,

  • it’s portable.

    So, you can install it when you need it, and remove it otherwise

  • installation is very easy and can be performed by the end user, making it an attractive selection

  • currently, there is very limited choice (in terms of size and brand) for rooftop portable AC

  • this AC can only be powered through direct power supply.

    You can only use this AC while you’re docked

Summing up:

Although it is easy to install, the usability limitations make this AC a less attractive solution for marine use.

Nevertheless, you can use it whenever you feel like renting a boat for the weekend, and enjoy conditioned air, along with your boating-while-docked experience.

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