Through Wall Air Conditioner

Through wall air conditioner is sometimes misunderstood, as window air conditioners.

But, this particular misunderstanding is almost insignificant.

Why so? A few reasons associated with it…

  • both AC have similar looks,

  • through wall AC can be installed through a window opening and similarly,

  • window AC can be installed through a wall – provided that the wall thickness is not so big that it will block the air vent

  • both air conditioners come in cooling only, or cooling and heating options

Then why the different name?

"Real", through wall AC has these features associated with it;

  • due to lower demand compared to window AC, this unit comes in smaller BTU range.

    Available sizes are from 6,000 BTU to 16,000 BTU – with EER from 9, to 11

  • this AC uses sliding chassis as the mounting, due to its length and weight, whereas window AC has either sliding, or fixed chassis mounting

  • it is also longer compared to window ACs, to accommodate for installation through thicker walls

Otherwise, it shares same properties with window ACs.

So, it doesn't really matter which one you'll choose between the two - as long as you have the necessary space to install it.

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